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- TMV’s June Klein is Paythru Inc. Chairman & CEO and
Paythru Ltd. Board Member, Investor & Advisor

Paythru Team

Groundbreaking finance and change management book


TMVI Integrator(tm) – custom harware,software,applications for your holistic digital life.

TMVi PostDeath(tm) Services for boomers, trustees, executors, beneficiaries
EvolvingBoomers(tm) Finance Solutions for trustees, executors & beneficiaries
EvolvingBoomers(tm) Solutions (medical wellness books, blogs)
EvolvingBoomers(tm)Family Values (TV, videos)

Executive Office Facilities (Urban)
Executive Office Lifestyle Facilities (Suburban)


GLG Scholar Consult with : June Klein
Request a consultation with June Klein through Gerson Lehrman Group
- Lead contractor for consortiums:
June Klein (CEO’s bio)
Presidential Business Commission Appointment
NY Times Feature
Boardmember Press Releases
Council of Advisors to $300billion of managed funds
Inc and BoardroomInsider Features
- Integrated Marketing Solutions:
June Klein (business affiliates and project management)
Spectacolor-ClearChannel: Outdoor Advertising Signs & Creative in Times Square
Strategic International Research: multilingual surveys, focus groups
HyTek: LCD-TV-PC-audio 46″; exclusive financial services industy solutions
NYC Agencies & Port Authority: certified woman-owned business

GLG Scholar Consult with Me: Ira Klein
Request a consultation with Ira Klein through Gerson Lehrman Group
>”We appreciate your participation in our global Councils very much. Your contributions as a Scholar and involvement since 2005 have been invaluable to the institutional investment community. “Don Maranca,CPA,Manager Legal, Economic & Regulatory Affairs, Accounting & Financial Analysis.

- Tax Law Strategies& Venture Structuring:
Ira Klein, (General & Tax Counsel’s bio)
- Institutional Investor Tax Advice/Strategies for corporate mergers & acquisitions, spinoffs, dispositions,spin-offs, joint ventures, financings, reorganizations & restructurings.
- President’s Committee to Overhaul Tax Code
- Oxford Briefings Press Release

- Books – Traditional & e, White Papers, Custom Newsletter, Financial Journalism:
Mark Fadiman, Publisher’s Bio

- Television, Video & Film:
Russ Klein, (Media Development Director’s bio)

- Searches for Financial and Information Industries:

Bob B, Search Director for quantitative financial systems

- Algorithmic Trading Sales Engineer
- Marketing Manager for electronic trading products and services
- Program Managers,Project Leaders,Subject Matter Experts
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– Buy The Book: Evolution of Trading: How Technology and Governance are Changing Finance in the 21st Century
- Oxford UK Licensable Briefing
- TMVI® Subscription Newsletter (userid/psw logon)

- Centralized Marketplace for Capital Formation
- Templates for Inheritance Processes grounded in quickbooks and quicken;

- Electronic healthcare business process;
- Tech Solutions: ForRemote Backup;
CBL(Data Recovery); InvestInTech(PDF Conversion Tools); Arcom(Architectural Designs); ESoft(Firewall,VPN); Cisco; Qwest; Sprint; DELL; IBM; HP; XEROX/Tektronix Printers; Boxlight; TechData, Synnex, CDW (hardware,software,support); APC (power tradeups); Teledynamics; Cablestogo
- Marketing Solutions: Viking Office Products; Folder Express; Media Training Worldwide; Strategic International Research; Spectacolor Clearchannel;
- Government Solutions: T&MV Inc. is listed as a key supplier, premier gov’t vendor and primary sponsor of the federal buyers’ gov-world.com
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Helping Helping America & UK
2005: T&MVInc donated 10% of book profits to Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund & Red Cross’ Tsunami victims
2004: Businesswoman of the Year – Congressional committee/business issues
2003: Honorary Chair Business Advisory Council – Leadership Award NY
2002: T&MVInc donated 5% of all proceeds to Red Cross
T&MV helped rebuild infrastructures by offering 90 day deferred payment plans
2001: T&MVInc Volunteers helped automate info about missing loved ones from 911

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