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CONCEPT: CEO’s Brand is only about me in how I can help YOU. I am because WE are! DOMAINS: BRANDED (r) PRODUCTS, SERVICES & METHODOLOGIES: Click for BUSINESS DESCRIPTION LINES: TV, CONSULTING, DATABASE, NETWORK, EDUCATION, NEWSLETTER Click for FACILITIES: Executive Office (Urban Model), Lifestyle (Suburban Model) & Scalable Real Estate Project TMVi(tm) Think-DO Tank CybersecurityContinue Reading


Charity Karaoke Event & Movement Collaborators How to Start A Movement #OpenGates #BeFirst #EmpowernatorJune #OneCollaborator #StartsMovement #MovementEmpowersUs TAKE YOUR WORK SERIOUSLY NOT YOURSELF about YOU@tmv.com Snippets to empower you in your personalized shopping journeys by feet, train, plane or car. Click if you want “The Tech to Be With You” at your fancy hotel withContinue Reading