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Award Recognition June Klein Most Influential CEO of the Year
Corporate Vision Award: Most Influential CEO of the Year – USA

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web: Empowernatorjune.com  email: you@empowernatorjune.com Holistic Distribution before March 31, 2021.
    • EmpowernatorJune’s Techopolis Pitch Video

  • Currently, exploring strategic distribution channels for scalability, sustainability and
    profitability for 30minute, original content pilot script.
  • Techopolis Summary CEO EmpowernatorJune is an unlikely superhero who leverages tech to solve real-world problems (with risks, multi-use wearables, STEM education & building resiliency). Tech explainers are created with whiteboard animation & sketch-noting. EmpowernatorJune & her collaborators empower you to battle the evil 5th Estate Group by creating a movement with tools & processes that foster independent problem-solving. Techopolis is the futuristic city that safeguards and is presented based on present day technology.
  • EmpowernatorJune’s Techopolis TV/Web/Comicbook Treatment, Concept Art, Script
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  • Past Works Links:
    • Animation Test: EmpowernatorJune’s FinTech Adventures

    Click for FinTech Adventures Amazon Pilot Test & Avatar Transformation video

    • Series Direction: TMVi Tech Report on Next Practices Solutions including Resiliency, Video Syndication/Distribution, Cybersafe IOT. Next Practices Tech Report

EmpowernatorJune’s Journey of Change and Resiliency
Script (27 pages)

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Bible (11 pages)
• Character Descriptions
• Locations/CGI & Stock Footage
• Scenes Omitted for Later Episodes
• Hair/MU/Wardrobe
• Props & Set Design
• Music Suggestions & Commentary
• Timeline for Pilot

Download (PDF, 504KB)

3. Overview (5 pages)

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• Logline: We follow a brilliant young woman from Queens, whose talent in mathematics led her on a pioneering path of women in tech and finance.
• Synopsis: Women aren’t supposed to be FinTech STEM pioneers. June didn’t care as she focuses on solving one bigger and bolder challenge after another. From her humble beginnings in Queens we explore the early tech and financial industry in New York plus all that makes up today’s 5th estate. We use generational flashbacks spanning 50 years of vintage NY, Queens, Manhattan.
• Project Summary
• Artistic Vision for Series
• Notable Past Work/Projects
• Artistic Statement: (My Process, Ideas, Field)
• Why I Have Chosen to Be Artistic Series Creator Who Writes Stories by Or About Women
• What Makes Me Uniquely Qualified to Make this film a success
• My Goals as An Artist. How Will I Use It to Further My Career
• Bio

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